Jennifer Maggio
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about me

A bit about me.

I came to UX in a circuitous way.  I've long had a natural curiosity about the human condition, psychology and creativity.  Moved by these themes, I studied Human Evolutionary Biology and Psychology while at Harvard and graduated with a Bachelor’s in 2012.  After, I explored clinical and preclinical research for a time, before mustering up the courage to confirm to myself that sitting in a lab all day every day was simply not going to cut it for my creative tendencies.

Already a drawer and painter, and with a science background, I picked up a position at a healthcare non-profit, The Angiogenesis Foundation, generating educational media for the Foundation's websites, presentations, publications, and mobile apps.  Then I learned about this field called UX, which was kinda like graphic design but with a psychology and research bent.  This made the synapses between my right and left brains dance.  I landed a role as a UX Designer for Crimson Hexagon in 2015, went over to Toast for a time, and now serve as a Senior Product Designer at Appcues.  Each day, I enjoy tackling real business problems and user needs, and pushing pixels around to make beautiful product experiences.

I was also the Lead Designer for a local start-up, Dollarship, a mobile loyalty app awarding scholarships, student debt relief, and 529 Plan savings.  I set the overall design direction for the app as one of its founding members. 

At night, I sometimes spelunk through digital and oil media. I’m drawn to both abstract and representational art. My abstract works tend to still mimic organic forms, and my representational tends to be whimsical and illustrative. I have decided recently to return to learning the fundamentals of art and design, with an aim to explore more representational and illustrative works in the short term.

If you like my work, or just want to talk, drop me a line at and let's meet and chat over something delicious.