Jennifer Maggio
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about me

A bit about me

Biker, hiker, dog person, cat person, comedy lover, and Lord of the Rings nerd.

Boston-based Product Designer, working on a UX platform at Appcues. Previously worked on analytics platforms at Toast and Crimson Hexagon (Brandwatch).

I’ve had a long-standing interest in humans as quirky creatures, and studied Human Evolutionary Biology and Psychology at Harvard. I’m interested in how we and technology will continue to evolve and hope to help shape that evolution in positive, healthful and productive ways for people and the earth.


Some nice things people have said

You move fast, and can prototype or design nearly anything extremely rapidly... You clearly love your work and have a passion for achieving the right design, the best experience, the most elegant solution. I can tell when you talk about the exciting problems (or even the hard ones) that you have a true drive to make things better, and that powers a lot of your other strengths.

- Tristan Harward, Head of Product Design @ Appcues

Jen has a power of attention, of depth of thought, and of quality of detail that is pretty unmatched. There are few people I know of at Appcues doing the level of work she's doing. Continue pushing the vision forward, demanding the best, and sharing it with the whole team - it's inspiring.

- Jeff Vincent, Senior Product Manager @ Appcues