Floating Geode Kaleidscopes

After finishing my latest piece, Urban Legends, I took a look at it and intuited that it and the rest of the Floating Geode series would probably make excellent kaleidoscopic images!

As an aside, I remember one of my favorite gifts as a child was a kaleidoscope.  A kindly family friend, who I remember as having a great sense of humor about life, gave me the set, which was comprised of the viewport and two tubes, one red and one blue.  I remember peering into that magical portal and being transfixed by the patterns that unfolded there.  It's time to get myself another set. :)  

My attraction to mandalic patterns has resurfaced many times over the years.  I can't help but wonder at how humankind, throughout cultures and timelines, have represented beautiful repeating colorforms and geometric shapes in their art, particularly in religious art.  If you compare the Rose Window of Notre Dame in France, the ceiling of The Temple of Heaven in China, or especially the many astounding designs of Islamic mosques, you can clearly see the call towards this central, breathtaking experience of beauty that I think is at the heart of spirituality across cultures. 

And to borrow the common phrase used so wonderfully as the title to one of my favorite comedian, John Cleese's, book "So Anyway"... so, anyway, I have made kaleidoscope versions of the floating geode series for your delight.