"Inner Creativity," Halloween 2015

This year, I hadn't planned ahead for Halloween, but given that Halloween is my favorite holiday and my new job was having a Halloween costume contest, I decided that I still had to do something!  Face paint offered a cheap and simple solution, as well as a new challenge.

After picking up some primary colors and white (they had run out of black!) grease-based face paint (soo much better than water-based, and reminiscent of oil painting) from The Garment District, I looked around on Pinterest for some inspiration.  I settled on an idea that involved mostly white and abstract colors/patterns, so that I could make it up as I went along.  Finally, after picking up a plain long-sleeved white t-shirt, I was set.  

Painting in the areas was a lot of fun, but took a while, since I had only one brush and three primary colors from which to mix others.  I later had to run out to CVS and pick up some eye liner to create the black outline, which made the two sections pop a lot more.

The idea behind this was to create the look of a white, statuesque outer shell that was cracked, revealing a swirling organic flooding of colors within.

(I wish I had had a chance for a better pic...someday, I will get a professional camera.)