Artist Statement

In her work, Jennifer expresses her connection to and curiosity for the natural world and humankind’s place in it.  Through abstracting the organic archetypes of animal, plant and rock life, to which man is irrevocably linked, she aims to portray their simplicity and chaos in ways that straddle the line between the familiar and the alien.  This limbo space of the representational and the symbolic represents for her the ever-morphing, ephemeral, watery depths of the psyche, at once beautiful and terrifying, and always mysterious.  Through subject and process, she seeks to radically reduce the automatic whirring of the modern left-brained activity of rational, organized, and purposeful thought and form, and reclaim herself and the viewer to the sensory, chaotic, and seemingly aimless felt experience. Thus acting, she seeks to challenge humankind’s ease with himself as a willfully distanced child of Nature.  

The creative process is Jennifer’s meditation on life and its evolution.  Of perpetual fascination to her is observing the process of binding raw energies as living artifacts in the physical world and of the unfoldment of a work.  At each of a potentially infinite series of incremental additions, subtractions and alterations of the physical, powerful non-physical responses are evoked from the artist, guiding her next movement, until a larger, unified whole stands as a remembrance of the connection between the internal and external reality.  Questions of from where and to where these forms move opens a personal dialogue for both art maker and art viewer.  Binding the raw energies of the swirling and morphing colorscapes and forms of life as  As if working with Rorschach blots, Jennifer revels in drawing connections and meaning from each individual's personal response to her work.  

Gallery Exhibitions & Shows

ART MORA  |  Group Exhibition  |  New York, NY |  Dec 2016

BAUHAUS PRAIRIE ART GALLERY  |  Landscapes, Cityscapes, Mindscapes  |  Online |  Nov 2016

RAW  |  Sensory  |  Cambridge, MA  |  May 2015

Out of the Blue  |  Group Exhibition  |  Cambridge, MA  |  June 2013