Artist Statement

In my work, I express my curiosity for the natural world and Humankindโ€™s place in it as willfully-distanced children of Nature.  Inspired by the forms of animal, plant and rock life, to which man is irrevocably linked, I aim to portray their simplicity and chaos in abstraction that is both familiar and alien.  This limbo space of the representational and the symbolic represents for me the ever-morphing, ephemeral, watery and mysterious depths of the psyche.  Art is a meditation for me - through subject and process, I seek to reduce the automatic whirring of the modern brain, if only for a few hours at a time, abandoning the incessant onslaught of rational, organized, purposeful thought, in favor of sensory and seemingly aimless felt experience.

The creative process is my personal meditation on life and its evolution.  Of perpetual fascination is observing the binding of intent and emotion into physical artifacts.  At each of a potentially infinite series of incremental additions, subtractions and alterations of media, powerful, emotional responses arise, guiding the unfoldment of a work until a larger, unified whole stands as a remembrance of the connection between the internal and external reality.  Questions of from where and to where these forms move opens a personal dialogue for both art maker and art viewer and reveals unspoken truths to them. 


I've long had a natural curiosity about the human condition, psychology and creativity.  Moved by these themes, I studied Human Evolutionary Biology and Psychology while at Harvard and graduated with a Bachelorโ€™s in 2012.  I maintain an interest in these topics through reading and listening to podcasts and lectures, and work as a Product Designer for a Boston startup, Appcues.  At night, I sometimes spelunk through digital and oil media, making abstract art.

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